4 Pool Safety Rules You Should Follow

When you enter a public pool you will most likely notice the pool rules sign located near the pool. This sign is not placed by the pool for no reason, but is there to remind you to swim safely. Many people will ignore the long list of rules listed but do not realize how dangerous pools can be. Following these rules are important to reduce the chance of an injury occurring. Here are a few rules to make sure you and your family follow every time you are at the pool.

#1 No Diving

This rule is usually in bold, capitalized letters for a reason. Diving may seem fun but is extremely dangerous in shallow or crowded pools. If there is a diving board located by the pool this means that the pool is deep enough to handle diving. If there is no diving board, that means do not take the chance.

For people who ignore this rule, they can find themselves quickly hitting the bottom on the pool where they could hit their head, arms, or legs against the concrete. Also, when the pool is crowded, diving should never take place because you could dive on top of someone. Not only are your risking your life, but the lives of others in the pool.

#2 No Running

Running is a common pool rule that is broken. Many kids who do not bother looking at the sign will get out of the pool and run around not realizing how easy it is to slip. All it takes is for them to run over a puddle or slip because their feet are wet. Most pools are surrounded by a brick or concrete foundation which can be extremely painful when fallen onto.

#3 No Rough Play

Rough play around or in the pool is very common. Though you are meant to have fun in pools there is a certain limit to what you should do. Throwing a ball back and forth is fine, but if you are tackling, jumping, or pushing you are breaking this rule. Rough play in the pool can result in a serious injury if someone hurts themselves in the water.

#4 Parents Must Accompany Children 

Many public pools do not have a lifeguard on duty. This will usually be labeled on the pool rules sign. For people with young children under 13 years of age, it’s necessary to accompany your kids to the pool. Though they may know how to swim, if an accident were to occur they could drown or pass out. Also, your kids may not follow the rules listed on the sign which is why you should keep watch to make sure they are behaving.

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