4 Lifesaving Ladder Safety Tips




Ladders are excellent tools to help us reach high places that are out of reach. Though many people own ladders, they do not use them properly. Here are 5 lifesaving tips to always remember next time you or someone you know uses a ladder.

1. Don’t Climb It Till You Inspect It

Before you even attempt to use a ladder, you must always check to make sure it is in proper working condition. Check the quality of the ladder. Is it rusty or are any parts missing? If so, it is best to get a different ladder instead of taking a chance with one that is unreliable.

Make sure to check that the feet of the ladder are flat on the ground when standing. If they are uneven the chances of the ladder falling over are more likely.

2. Wear Slip-Resistant Shoes

If you are going to climb a ladder make sure you are wearing slip-resistant shoes. This will prevent you from sliding off a step and injuring yourself. Also, always make sure that your shoes or ladder is not wet to reduce the risk of slipping.

3. If it’s Windy, Don’t Climb

The worst time to use a ladder is during poor weather conditions, especially intense wind. If it is windy do not take the chance of climbing a ladder as it can easily knock the ladder down if there is a strong enough gust. You need proper balance on a ladder which heavy wind prevents.

4. Never Place in Front of a Door

If you place your ladder in front of a door you run the risk of someone opening it and knocking you off the ladder. In case you do need to reach a place above a door make sure someone is there to keep the door closed while you are on the ladder.


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