3 Safety Tips for Boating with Dogs

As a boater, you may want to enjoy the beautiful summer days with everyone in your family, including your dog. Though some dogs may be excellent swimmers, it’s ideal to make sure they are protected and comfortable while on the water. Going on a boat can be exciting or scary for your dog depending on their personality. Here are a few tips to help make your dog’s boating experience safe and fun.

Invest in a Life Jacket

Purchasing a life jacket specially fit for your pup is necessary before setting sail. Though your dog may be an excellent swimmer, when you are traveling at a fast speed they can fall over board. Life jackets give you the peace of mind that if your pet falls in that the life jacket will keep them floating above water. If an accident occurs, your dog will be safe along with your passengers who should also be wearing their life jackets.

Keep Your Dog Hydrated

During a hot summer’s day on the water anyone will be thirsty, especially those who are covered in fur like your dog. It is necessary to keep your dog hydrated while on board. Make sure to bring extra bottles of water along with their water dish. Provide water in the dish every hour and bring a pee pad for them in case they have to go.

Make the First Trip Short

When you take your dog to an unfamiliar place, especially on the water, they may feel scared. It is best to make their first boating experience short to see how well they handle it. If everything goes well, you can take them out on a longer trip next time and see how they do. For those dogs who did not enjoy the experience, it is best to leave them at home next time. It is not good for your dog to feel stressed out or overwhelmed, which will make the trip no fun for them or you.

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