Types of Boating Accidents


With summer almost here, you will find most boaters out to sea enjoying the sunny and paradise like weather. Though boating can seem relaxing and fun, there is a potential for an accident to occur if the driver of the boat is not careful. Check out a few of the different types of boating accidents that occur often.


If you see a large amount of water starting to enter your boat, you are most likely experiencing flooding. This type of boating accident occurs often for boaters who are unaware that their boat has damage to it. If this occurs make sure to head to land quickly to avoid the boat from sinking.


Capsizing occurs when a boat overturns in the water. This usually happens if the driver of the boat makes too sharp of a turn.

This type of accident is extremely dangerous, especially if you have passengers on board. Make sure to always operate your vessel wisely, to avoid damaging your boat or getting hurt.

Collision with Vessels or Objects

One rule for boaters is to always keep their eyes on the sea. If the driver of the boat is not paying attention, they can easily run into another boat. These accidents can be deadly which is why it’s important for the driver to stay alert of their surroundings while operating the boat.

Also, be aware of objects like buoys or large rocks that are in the water. These objects cannot move out of their own way so the driver must carefully go around them.


This type of accident occurs when you drive your boat over a shallow area or sandbar where it could get stuck. If you are driving at a fast speed, you can do serious damage to your boat. Also, depending on the size of your boat it could be difficult to get it moving again.

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