Suing a School For Student-Athlete’s Injury

With concussions in the news, it’s becoming more and more apparent that certain sports pose dangerous risks. With that in mind, having a child in school athletics puts a parent in a dilemma. If your child gets injured while participating in a sporting event, pursuing litigation against a school might cross your mind. Knowing the ins and outs of that process can make all the difference.

Schools usually ask students and parents to sign a form that releases them of liability. However, institutions are never completely exempt from liability if a student athlete is injured.

Not long ago, a jury in Tampa, Florida decided that the family of a high school baseball player who died during a preseason workout should be awarded upwards of $800,000. The student had a heart condition but, despite that, was allowed to participate in several conditioning workouts that pushed his heart past its limits.

Essentially, the school can be held responsible for risks that aren’t an essential given aspect of the sport. Institutions are held responsible for any failure to address a known and dangerous condition. Specifically, if a school ignores the mandated safety procedures or trains them past the reasonable guidelines.