Stopping Slip and Fall In Bathrooms

80% percent of senior falls occur in the bathroom. This does not mean that the younger generation is not prone to the risk of slip and falls as well. It is estimated that approximately 235,000 people ages 15 and older make a trip to the emergency room as a result of bathroom fall injuries. Close to 14% of those injuries are hospitalized.

Public bathrooms as well as your personal bathroom in your home should be fall proofed. Below you will find a few tips that could help to prevent bathroom falls:

  • Use nightlights in the bathroom so you’re able to better see if it’s dark.
  • Have grab bars installed by the toilet to make sitting and standing easier. You can also install grab bars inside the showers or bathtubs to prevent falls.
  • Keep shower and tubs clean of soapy build up.
  • Place non-slip mats or adhesive strips inside and outside the bathtub and/or shower.
  • Showers with shatterproof glass are the best way to prevent water leaking onto the bathroom floor. If you are unable to install this type of shower, using a curtain liner inside the tub as well as a decorative shower curtain outside the tub can minimize leaks.
  • If the bathtub or shower is not easily accessible, purchase a bath step or walk-in tub.
  • Avoid bending over by using liquid soap.
  • Use a hand-held shower nozzle.
  • Have your vision checked regularly. Less-than-perfect vision can cause disorientation. Exercise regularly to preserve balance.
  • Never use a space heater in the bathroom water. Water, toilet paper, or tissue can easily cause hazards when in contact with an electric space heater.
  • Install the bathroom door so that it swings outward. This will help in the event of a fall.

Fall accidents tend to leave the victims with sprains, bruising, broken bones and other injuries that are often times difficult to recover from. With the use of the bathroom tip, we may help more falls be prevented. Regardless of the age of the victim, slip and fall accidents can be extremely dangerous. It is vital that you protect yourself from these slip and fall injuries by taking these safety precautions.

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