Personal Injury Law 101

When you’re hurt in an accident, it’s important to know what your next steps are and who you might have to call. Different lawyers specialize in different things, as you know. If you find yourself hurt with medical costs or physical trauma, you’ll more than likely want to know some of the basics of personal injury law. Here are some of the foundations you might want to know.

Formal Lawsuits

A formal lawsuit is the result of a plaintiff filing a civil complaint against a defendant, which can be an individual, a business, a corporation or a government. Lawsuits work under the idea that the defendant was negligent, careless or in some way caused the accident to happen.

Informal Settlement

Sometimes, by way of an arbitrator or mediator, the would-be plaintiff and defendant work out a formal agreement before a civil complaint comes about, resulting in a written agreement that both parties will leave the issue as is, without taking any further action.

Statute of Limitations

They vary by state but one thing is true in most cases, most states place a statute of limitations on when a plaintiff can file a lawsuit against a defendant. That “time” usually begins when the injury occurs. Check your local government office or website for the statute of limitations in your state.