Preventing Children From Drowning: The Must Do Pool Rules

You just bought a new house, taking a dip in your brand new swimming pool is a great house warming for your family and your friends. Even though being in a pool is refreshing and provides endless enjoyment, drowning is a real danger. Here are a few safety precautions in mind that can ensure swimming is a fun activity where no one gets hurt. 


Learn CPR

Your pool may be secure but that will still not be able to completely rule out the possibility of an accident. That’s why it is essential for kids and adults alike to know CPR and be educated in emergency management.


Never Let Kids Swim Unattended

Children should never be allowed to swim without the supervision of an adult who’s able to swim and know CPR. Do not depend on air-filled or foam toys like water wings, noodles or inner tubes to keep children safe.


Teach Children To Swim.

Most children can learn to swim around the age of 5, but understand that swimming lessons won’t necessarily prevent a child from drowning.


Be Aware Of Drains

Never allow children to play near or sit near drains. Body parts and hair can become entrapped by the strong suction. Use drain covers and consider installing multiple drains to reduce the suction.


Have a Fence

Surround your pool with a fence that is at least 4 feet tall. Make sure they have no gaps so kids can’t squeeze through. Avoid chain-link fences that can be easy for children to climb over. Install self-closing and self-latching gates that are beyond a child’s reach.


Block Pool And Hot Tub Access

Have a safety cover to block access to the pool when it’s not in use. Secure a cover on hot tubs as well. Empty inflatable pools after each use. Don’t allow water to collect on top of the pool or hot tub cover. If you have an aboveground pool, remove pool steps or ladders and lock them behind a fence when the pool isn’t in use.


Remove Toys

Don’t leave pool toys in the water. A child might fall into the water while trying to retrieve a toy.


Install Underwater Motion Alarms

Protect any doors leading to the pool area with an alarm. Add an underwater pool alarm that sounds when something hits the water, and make sure you can hear the alarm inside the house.


Keep Emergency Equipment And Flotation Devices Near By

Store a safety ring with a rope beside the pool and you should make sure that there are adequate flotation devices stocked within easy reach around the perimeter of the pool area. Make sure you always have a phone in the pool area also.


Ban Drinking In The Pool Area

Water and alcohol don’t mix. Relaxing by the pool with an adult beverage or two might be a soothing way to wind down after a long day, but it’s dangerous and should be avoided.

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